Painting in Light, Sound, Color and TIME

Are you interested in what distinguishes a great movie from a mediocre one? Movies are so much more than plot or dialogue – they are magical compositions incorporating geometry, sound and color. This series by Tony Zhou, called “Every Frame a Painting” illuminates many of the compositional factors that distinguish great movie making from the […]

The Best Since “The Wire”

I just finished watching the final episode of this 4 season series from AMC and Netflix. I’d heard about the Danish version for some time, but decided to check out the American version first because, well, I don’t speak Danish and I’d just watched an episode of another Danish cop series with which I didn’t […]


Are you catching this? Obama is playing the Long Game. The ACE of BASS. (I’ve always admired his ability to stick to the Long Game in the face our short term view of politics based on FEAR.) The politics that are going on right now are AMAZING! Obama is actually doing what we originally elected […]


The videos from Ferguson, Missouri, of unarmed demonstrators and neighborhood people being confronted by lines of advancing police using military hardware revived memories of my own experiences in 1966 and again in 1968. I was at the time a student enrolled in a special summertime program for disadvantaged high school students in Cleveland, Ohio, living […]